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King Solomon's Silver Seal 5th Pentacle Mars Pendant

King Solomon's Silver Seal 5th Pentacle Mars Pendant
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Comes in free organza gift bag!

To protect from demons and dark forces

Seal 12 - The Fifth Pentacle of Mars - This seal protects its bearer from demons and dark forces, and submit them to do as he may command. When using this seal it needs to be kept close to the body. It is also advised to keep it in a dark place when not used. Old traditions relate to this seal as the fifth pentacle of Mars, associated with war and military honour, but also courage.

Product Details - This talisman is made from 925 sterling silver or 14K gold plated sterling silver (please choose from drop down list before adding to cart) and measures approx. 25mm in diameter. The seal hangs on a 45cm sterling silver hallmarked chain. The drawing on the seal is of a double bordered circle. At the top between the two borders engraved a Star of David (‘Magen David’) and the verse from Psalms 91:13:

Which translates to:“You will tread upon the lion and cobra, The young lion and the serpent you will trample down".

In the centre circle is the image of a scorpion surrounded from four sides by the Hebrew letter combination:(Hey-Vav-Lamed).

Authentic jewelry shipped to you straight from Israel!
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