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YHVH Jewelry
Jehovah - - The Tetragrammaton

Jehovah or in Hebrew (spelled: Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh) is known in Jewish tradition as “Ha’shem” (The Name) and in ancient Greek as the Tetragrammaton (The four letters). Saying ‘The Name’ as it is spelled is comprehensively forbidden for faithful Jews and when read aloud is usually pronounced as “Ha’shem” or “Adonay” (), which means “My Lord” (some don’t even pronounce “Adonay”, and instead say ‘Adoshem’).

The name (Jehovah) is derived from the Hebrew noun , which means ‘Being’ or ‘To Be’ or ‘cause to become’. 'The Name' teaches of the essence of The Lord: everlasting, constant, unchanging and eternal.

It is written in the Bible that The Lord first presented himself using 'The Name' to Moses at the Mount of Sinai (Exodus 3:13-15). The Name was later embedded on the crown of the High Priest at the Lord’s temple in Jerusalem and was pronounced by the High Priest on Yum Kippur (Day of Atonement) in the Holy of Hollies, the sacred room in the temple allowed only to the High Priest himself.

In Kabbalah tradition, 'The Name' represents the supernatural aspect of the being of God, one that transcends over the laws of nature (miracles!) as well as the earthly ones of law and order, given to the believers. This supernatural dominion of God co-exists in harmony with the rules and laws dominion, enables it and guides it.

Kabalistic traditions believe 'The Name' was used to perform miracles, amongst the rest by Moses, who had 'The Name' carved on his staff, and King David, who had it embedded on his sword. It is also believed that 'The Name' gives direction to the true full name of G_d, which is 72 letters long, and thus derives its power from it. Kabbalists use 'The Name' in their meditations.

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King Solomon Key Silver Seal Pentacle YHVA Pendant PRICE: $95.00

King Solomon Key Silver Seal Pentacle YHVA Pendant
King Solomon Seal Ring 2 YHVA PRICE: $95.00

King Solomon Seal Ring 2 YHVA
King Solomon Seal Ring YHVA PRICE: $96.00

King Solomon Seal Ring YHVA
The Book of Wonder YHVH Pendant PRICE: $68.95

The Book of Wonder YHVH Pendant